Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Progress so far

I began hacking on GCC-CIL shortly after the Summer of Code was announced, and right now enough has been implemented to compile some programs, but the backend is still far from complete. For an example, here's a C program I submitted with my Google Summer of Code application that solves the N-Queens Problem for N=8 (standard chessboard), and the corresponding output from the June 14 snapshot of GCC-CIL at optimization levels 0 and 1: nqueens.c nqueens.0.s nqueens.1.s You'll need ilasm from mono, .NET or DotGNU to assemble and run the program. It was extremely satisfying to see a "real" program actually working. :-)


Blogger Amber said...

any chance you can put those sources back up? and... i would like to know how to invoke the ocmpiler, since gcil seems to exactly the same as gcc?

sehe@sehe-desktop:~$ gcil --version
GCC CIL (GCC 4.3.0 20070727 (experimental))


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